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Who are these programs designed to serve?

All of our programs are for those who are wholly dedicated to the study of the divine nature of the self and its connection to all that is, we offer transformational Spiritual Coaching programs custom-tailored to the individual student.


Is coaching for me if I am just beginning my spiritual journey?

Aumara will work with students at all levels of awareness to offer guidance and teachings to navigate their spiritual path.


It is important to note:

These programs are an intensive study and are only for serious students as they require a firm commitment to spiritual growth. Each of the programs requires setting intentions and stepping into guided action to achieve success.


The following programs are offered:

  • Change Your Mindset – 1 month

  • Transformational Journey – 3 months

  • Advancement Course – 6 months

  • Intensive Program – 9 months

  • Mentorship - Available only after completion of the Intensive Program.


All levels of Coaching Programs include:

  • Weekly Guided Meditations Written Specifically for the Student

  • Personal Tools for Transformation

  • Journal Entries

  • Weekly One-on-One Intuitive Guidance Sessions (in person or by phone)

  • Weekly Assignments for Spiritual Development

  • Assessment tools

  • Assigned Reading

  • Written Commitment to take action and complete all assignments.


If you feel you would like to enroll in one of our Spiritual Coaching Programs, please click the button below to schedule your Free Discovery session with Aumara to determine if one of our programs is right for you.












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