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Soul Guidance reading

What are Soul Guidance Readings?


Soul Guidance Readings are a one-to-one service in Aumara offers as she taps into Spirit to provide guidance, support, and healing energies to assist in answering any spiritual questions.

These sessions are for gaining clarity, releasing energy blockages, restoring balance, and spiritual teaching. These sessions are very deep, powerful, and many times life-transforming.


What Soul Guidance Readings are not?


Soul guidance readings are not for the purpose of Fortune Telling. Nor are these sessions for the sole purpose of contacting those that have crossed over. (If that's the service you desire, please contact a psychic medium specializing in contacting those who have crossed over!) However, many times during readings, Aumara will connect to love ones that have passed, angels, and spirit guides, but there are no promises made of who will come through. The Voice of Oneness team will always present what is the highest good at the time.


What are the sessions like?


All sessions are held from the comfort of your home via phone, Zoom, Skype, or email.

Aumara offers a safe environment free from judgment to discuss whatever is on your mind that you seek a deeper understanding of or the wisdom to inspire the right action in your life.


Aumara's Process: Aumara is highly empathic and can feel and read energy. She is clairsentient, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and claircognizant. She does not read cards or use tools of any kind during the reading. She also insists that she not be given any information other than the client's name as she likes to receive all information directly from Spirit.

Readings always begin with centering breaths and a setting of intention for the reading. Aumara will then scan the client's auric field and read chakra by chakra providing all the information she scans and what the Voice of Oneness team, angels, spirit guides, and loved ones share. All that is offered is always exactly what is needed at the reading time.


Once Aumara has completed her scan, then she will ask the client if they have any questions. Almost always, any question a client might have held was already addressed as Aumara read the energy field.


May I record my session or take notes?


Absolutely! It is suggested that you record your session as so much information is given that it is physically impossible to remember everything that was said during the session. You may also take notes or journal during your session.


How long do these sessions last?

Each session In-person, Phone, or Skype session lasts 60 minutes. A timer is used to keep on schedule. Aumara does attempt to stay as close as possible to the scheduled time. If the client desires an extended session and Aumara's schedule permits, time will be added for a fee of $20.00 for each additional 15 minutes, or if the time is 10 minutes or less, the cost is $2.00 per minute unless other arrangements have been made. 


How does an email session work?

An email session addresses up to 3 questions to be written and sent via email.

Once an email session is booked, an email will be sent to the client requesting that questions be submitted to Aumara's email. All information will be contained in the emailed instructions. Once the questions are received, they are answered within three business days.


To Book, Your Soul Guidance Reading click on the Book It Button below:


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