Go Within And Reawaken

Ask Aumara Question: I would like to ask, what is the one most relevant and important thing that I need to hear/do/be to allow the greatest shift into being all that I can be, do or have. What is the essence of my resistance? (anonymous)

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Response: I presented your question to the Team, and this is what was given in response to your questioning.


Greetings Dear One,

You have requested answers to questions that you have detailed. We wish to start by welcoming you to your process of self-discovery. We have heard your voice, and now we will share our voice with you. If we may speak directly to your heart, this would be best. So allow these words to flow to you gently. There is no need to push or struggle to understand what is given, simply let it flow.

The Wall Of Fear

Open your self up to allow yourself to be! You hold yourself behind a wall for fear of exposure. You seek to be free but have not yet begun the process to set yourself free. The most relevant thing you need to do is to realize there is nothing you need to do, say, or be to make yourself into that which you seek.

You are to realize you already are all that you wish to be! Yes! It’s true! The only thing needed here is for you to awaken to this realization. There is no set of rules to follow or steps to adhere to be free.

The Simple Truth

This is a simple truth that holds greater meaning than you understand at this time, but we say these words to your heart now to gently begin your process of awakening.

What you need to do is to uncover the meaning through the process of self-discovery. Instead of searching for the correct model to apply to self, realize that you hold the keys needed to unlock the door you hide behind.

Accepting The Power

To do this requires you to go within yourself to reawaken to your true nature. This is, as we have said, a process to be taken one step at a time. Begin first, by accepting that the power rests deep within the self, no one can give it to you or take it from you. There is no one to judge you but you! So practice allowing yourself to uncover the real you.

The Essence Of Your Resistance

The essence of your resistance is the lack of belief in that you hold the power to make changes. You do seek them, and you are able to create change to your acceptable limit, but beyond that, you fear you are not able to go. There is so much more we could say to you, but this will serve you for now. Keep your heart open and press on forward in your seeking to undercover your true being.

Open To Love

We do hope these words rest within your heart and assist in the opening of this center to release the fear and replace it with Love.

You are so loved! This we wish you to realize. You are already beauty beyond words, as are all – Each is simply one realization away from their truth.

We are complete for