You Are Divine Consciousness

Bursts of Light

You are from the stream of Divine consciousness, and as such, you are Divine consciousness. Is this not so? Of course, it is!

Now let's discuss recognition of this fact. The re- cognition of the pure understanding of your origin and design.

Yes, that is correct we did say the origin and design. Origin meaning the beginning. Referencing here your beginning into the field of Creation from nothingness all are born. From the Great Formless, all come forth into the field of form created by the field of creative power. The purest field of expression of Love's Divine Presence.

The Infinite Intelligence which creates all bought forth the emanations of Love as the souls of this universe. We speak here of this universe as this is your point of current reference in order to access the understanding of this as the beginning. The sparks birthed from the Godhead, from the very center of Allness come forth the forms created to experience life. Wondrous creations of beauty that are creators of Divine Love. All are creators. This power lies within the continuous flow of life. As expressions of form experience the movement of fields of energetic displacement.

So, you can see that all have sprung forth from the Creator - Infinite Intelligence. As you are one with the All - All are One. This is the point to remember. The Oneness Point.

You can wonder of what you are doing at any point, but know this, you are creating!

In Love, The Voice of Oneness by Aumara


Aumara Bonnet, M.A.Ed, RMT, CCHt