A Dream Come True


Ask Aumara Question:

Hello everyone, thanks for be here and have this site to help people. I really appreciate it. I have a question to ask, well many, but let's leave it to one. Would I ever become an English citizen?. It has been my dream since I was a kid, Becoming by naturalization, is it in my highest good? path I know this sounds very selfish but is sth i've longed for. I Will be very happy if you could reply. Thank you so much

Dear One,

You ask if you will become a citizen of the United States of America. You say it is your dream and you ask if such a path is for your highest good. Your questioning is a natural part of your process of understanding you. You want to arrive at a destination of which you feel is yours to experience, and it certainly is so.

Your deep desire to become something other then what you believe yourself to be, has led you to question yourself. You struggle with the belief that to want something so much when there are already many things to be grateful for may be a selfish act. It is not selfish to desire something as long as the seeking of it does not cause you to neglect your needs or the needs of others.

So to want to change one's life focus is always an individual's birthright. Having been born as a child of God, one holds the inherent right to experience all that one wishes. However, each individual is always called to the Love of that which they are. By loving self on loves life and all of creation. To feel that one is worthy and deserving of a new life is an act of Love and not at all selfish.

Now for one born in another country who dreams of citizenship in a different land (country) that is definitely their right to do so. Yet, one is first called to look at where they were born and to realize they were born in the correct area for their needs at the time but as one grows and experiences life their needs and desires are sure to change.

There are a few questions to examine as to why the desire to achieve citizenship in the U.S. is important. Is it because of the dream of a better life? Is there more opportunity to grow in Love? Does the dream of citizenship in the U.S. serve as a distraction from realizing what is available to be experienced in one's homeland? Or is it a true calling of expansion?

You see, dear One, no matter where you are on the earth, you are always a child of God. You are always a good, beautiful, divine, and powerful creator being. The potential held within you know no borders are a child of the universe.

That being understood allows you to pursue your dream from the perspective of the receiving of citizenship in the U.S. opens up a whole set of experiences of which you are deserving of having in your life and because you a powerful creator being you make it your reality. This comes about by the unwavering faith in the belief of your divinity and worth to have and to hold all you desire. Nothing can ever be held from anyone except by one's own belief, that is God's law!

You are a change maker born into this life to learn that nothing can ever hold you away from the realization of your dreams come true. Your dreams are always yours to hold and birth into life. And as you do so, you become the model showing the way to others who a looking to you to lead the way.

So, the question should be, do I have the potential to become a citizen of the U.S. if I hold it as my dream and believe I deserve it? To such question, we respond with a resounding YES!

Believe in your divinity and let God create the way! Thus, you and God are co-creating your reality. In this process, there is absolutely no room for doubts. Know it is yours to achieve and you"ll have it!