I Took A Leap and Then...

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Hello ,

The response below was written as received and sent to you in its entirety. The guidance given here is for the empowerment of you. A definitive career choice or prediction is not part of this team's work, but instead, you are provided with guidance from The Voice of Oneness team to assist you on your path home to Oneness.


Lately, I feel rather directionless in life, and I don't know how to remedy this feeling.

Months ago, I took a step toward a career I thought would fulfill and satisfy me, but I feel just as empty as I did before taking the leap. How do I know if I am on the right path, and should I continue to take it, or if I need to pursue something different?

I have all sorts of uncertainty, I feel there are so many options. How do I know what is right and what is meant for me and my journey?

Any guidance you can offer is so very much appreciated.

Thank you, Love!


Reading Ask Aumara Question:

Our work here is for the upliftment, the revealing of one's truth as it is always with and around you. There are always the signs to follow, guidance is always giving even though it may appear in forms not believed to be the way guidance is to come. The nuances and subtle cues occurring in your daily living include guidance. That which is many times taken for granted to hold another meaning is simply guidance misread or not realized.

What Is The Right Way?

So now we have a period of uncertainty believed to be caused by the not knowing which direction is the "right" one to follow, which supposed path has my name on it?

Is there truly such a path for anyone? Is this what is causing the uncertainty? Is it the inability to see clearly the path laid out before you? Hmmm!

We say it is your questioning of what is true for you. You seek to do the "right" action. And believe in that "right" action is all that is for you to experience, which will help you to feel good, secure, happy, fulfilled, and free from searching within your heart space.

What you are feeling is a void within that you are attempting to fill. This void is calling to you, and it contains the unfoldment of the truth of you. Who it is you indeed are and why it is you are here.

These questions are calling to you for you hold the belief that there exists a path or purpose of which is yours to fill and of which you will use to define you. This career or direction will, you believe, help you to feel good about you and your position in your life.