How Do I Connect With My Higher Self?

Ask Aumara Question: "What is the best way to contact and get to know my Higher Self?”

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The Higher Self if part of you! When you say, what is the best way to connect to my Higher Self and know my Higher Self, it is that you are believing your Higher Self to be some place other than within you; some foreign place that you have yet to know. This of course is simply not so! You are always connected to your Higher Self. Information is always being exchanged between you Lower and Higher Self. The pathway is always open.

So why is it you have prepared such a question? It is from your heart center. We understand that you are experiencing a lack of feeling connected. It appears to you that you have yet to be able to connect and hold on. So you wonder if you can connect at all.Well, of course you can experience the connection to your Higher Self.

You ask, what is the best way to make contact? The best way is to simply allow for this connection to be ever present. Now in order to allow you must “Trust” yourself. It is necessary for you to know that this connection already exists beneath the covering or as some say, behind the wall of which you hide.

Ways To Connect To Your Higher Self.

There are many ways of which you may experience your connection with your Higher Self. Good places to begin are:

  • Meditation

  • Journal writing

  • Learning how to work with your body. (Know that this is a process of which you will grow within).

  • Breathwork

  • Dreamwork

  • Guided Meditation

To begin, Let us say that Breath is key! Allow yourself to breathe deeply into your belly and relax (several times), and then state your intention to contact your Higher Self. You may ask questions that you hold and then sit and allow yourself to Listen and feel your bodily sensations. This is learning to trust you gut! It is listening to your inner voice!

You may also experience guided meditations created specifically to connect with your Higher self or practice through journal writing. Allow yourself to relax and write. Ask questions and record answers given trusting that your Higher Self is guiding you.

So it is to breathe, listen, feel and meditate. You may experience communication in dreams, visions and feelings. Relax your body and know that you are connected, and breathe into the flow.

For you my Dear One it is a matter of Trust! You will know your connected as you experience the feeling with the body!

Practice! Enjoy! Be Free!

With the Greatest of Love,

The Voice of Oneness/Aumara