How Do I Sit In Chaos and Experience Peace?

Question for Ask Aumara

Question: I would value your thoughts. My job is fulfilling and I would love to do this the rest of my working career…however, it is a very dysfunctional environment. I have put a wall up and have isolated myself…how does one sit in chaos and have peace? How do I see the poor behavior and still smile? How do I take down my wall and still be protected? How do I accept others that I do not have respect for? I yearn for peace in my head…and in my heart…Thank you for this service…You are an angel…


Dear Loving Soul,

We call out to thee–the way to peace is within your Heart! It is your thoughts within your mind that we wish to address. Now you’ve asked a series of very good questions. Each of which we shall speak to with Love.

In response to your questioning, we have many questions for you. Know that we ask you these questions to further your understanding of yourself and the world of which you live.

Here within this space, we have a limited amount of information to share as we ever so gently place this information within your consciousness to continue to serve to illuminate your thoughts, bringing about a state of mindfulness of your thoughts words and deeds.

Thus, resulting in the further opening of your heart’s space and expansion of your conscious awareness ultimately leading to the experiences you truly desire and deserve.

Let us begin first with the question, “How does one sit in chaos and still have peace?” You wish to experience peace and we want you to know that it is your birthright (as a divine being) to do so. You see dear One, Peace is your natural state of being.

The peace of which we speak is already yours. It is resting comfortably within your heart space. It is the truth of your being. However, you say it is not currently what you are experiencing as you are in your work environment.

Is your lack of peace due to the behaviors of others?

You suggest that your lack of peace is the result of dysfunctional others in this environment. This is your belief! The very thought that peace exists outside of you is the cause of your troubles: The belief that anyone or anyplace could rob you of your peace, would mean that you do not hold the power to experience peace from within.

This way of thinking is in direct conflict with the absolute truth of your being. Thus, you are experiencing a state of confusion with a lack of understanding of how to bring peace into your experience.

Such beliefs are quite common. One might say, “I can’t relax because of all the negativity that surrounds me. If only positive, like-minded souls surrounded me, then I would be able to experience peace and joy. This dear One is an error in thinking and the cause of much suffering.

Important Questions to Ask Yourself.

We ask you now: