How Do I Find My True Self?

Question: I want to know if I am ready to leave my comfort zone and find the real me?

Where Am I to Begin?

To begin, we ask you to step outside of your comfort zone and spread your wings. Allow yourself to soar. Your time is now! Are you ready? Does this feel like the right time to you? You say, sometimes yes and sometimes no.

This is a matter of trusting first and then allowing yourself room to expand.

Step outside of the box. Hold no boundaries to contain that which cannot be contained. Freedom is Key. Be free to express what is that you hold within you. There is no need to go searching for what is, as it is all around you, it's everywhere you are.

You do not need to go in search of yourself. You can try and find yourself, but you will always lose yourself with the next thought. It is to understand, in truth, that you are everywhere in everything. You are all that is good, beautiful, pure, and filled with joy. You are Love. You are one with the Creator – God.

How do I Find My True Self?

There is no way to find that which you are because it cannot exist within the mind. It can only be experienced within the heart of your being. All else is an illusion, smokescreens that serve to confuse you by keeping your sight from that which is, always and forever. Your true self is contained within you, not outside of you.

All experiences that you have are for your benefit, so that you may feel and develop an understanding of that which you truly are. It is wonderful for us to state that you are in a state of becoming, becoming known to yourself as an expression of Divine Presence.

We would like for you to realize that each breath you take contains within it a calling, an opportunity, for you to choose what your experience will be through your thought in the moment. So then, it is suggested to you, that you choose to experience in truth. Freely allowing for the divine unfoldment of you in whatever form you create through your freedom of expression.

Set yourself free.

Be in Joy!

Voice of Oneness /Aumara