Where is My Spirit Guiding Me?

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Question: Where is my spirit guiding me? The journey seems to lead to chaos.

Dear, Dreamer,

You ask where your spirit is guiding you as the journey seems to lead to chaos.

To begin let us look at your desires. You have many! So many that it would appear to you that you are being led in many different directions. First you find yourself beginning in one direction, thinking it is the way to go, only to be led in a different direction; resulting in confusion.

What The Heck is Going On?

You are experimenting with your ability to manifest your desires. This is producing some satisfying results along with some experiences that leave you saying, “What the heck is going on. I don’t understand.” Fret not! This is part of your learning process.

You are beginning to see that you have a unique role to play in life. One that you try to control only to realize that things don’t always work out the way you want them to. Hmmm! What do you think the message here is?

Yes, you are correct in that you are gently guided and you are able to sense this guidance. Sometimes you accept it and other times it meets with resistance as you have what you feel is a better way. So you then begin to go your way and when things do not work as you planned, you say

— Spirit is guiding me to chaos.

Learn to Listen to Your Inner Voice.

Are you ready to learn to listen and follow the knowing of your Inner Voice? Even when you think it must be another way? You see Dear One; you have reached a point in your spiritual development where the release of ‘Control‘ is necessary. It is time to begin to heed your Inner Voice with Trust and Faith that you are on your ‘correct path’ and all is as it need be.

We suggest you sit quietly and allow yourself to fully relax and let your mind just be. Place your focus not on your thoughts, but on your breath! Follow each breath in and out (very gently – not forcing your breath – a normal rhythmic flow). When you are completely relaxed you may turn your attention to one of your desired, let us say career paths. Now pay attention to your breath and the feeling in your body as you work with your thoughts (this could be any decision you are seeking to make). Does your breathing change? Does it remain relaxed? Do you remain calm and relaxed or do you begin to feel unsettled: (a need to move your position or scratch or become fidgety).

As you work with your thoughts, which when aligned with your spirit’s guidance, your body will remain relaxed. If your thought is your ego trying to control, your body will react and become unsettled. This is a very basic description, but we feel it will suffice.

Why The Chaos?

You see your chaos is of your own making. It is a wonderful way for you to learn about you: How to read your body; how to listen to your Inner Voice! This voice is always without strain and it is always clear never leading you in a direction that is not aligned with your spirit.

When you become agitated or confused, it is because you’ve allowed yourself to be led by your ego. Realize that when you are not balanced and centered, life appears to jostle you around a bit. You call it chaos. However, the clarity you seek is within this chaos, all you need do is find your balance.