Is it Possible to Know Things Spiritually Without Feeling Them Fully?

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Question: Is it possible to feel advanced as far as knowing things spiritually but yet not fully feeling. When I meditate which comes very easily I feel the stillness and bliss but I feel it is time to grow up and be living what me intellect knows and to share more. I am in my late 60’s is this still possible?

Dear One, You are so dear to our hearts and we send great love to you. This question you have asked holds many parts that are within your heart and mind. You want very much to feel the Love deep within. You’ve experienced times when your connection has been pure and wanted this naturally to be your way of living.

You hold to ways that are set by your mind. This perception clouds you inner view so-to-speak. There are times when you have very strong opinions and your flexibility stiffens so movement seems to stop; by the mind’s measure. However, this is truly not what is taking place.

What is taking place is the opportunity to open; to move beyond thoughts of limitations. This presents an opportunity to release old ways and embrace the new awareness that is waiting for you to allow entry into your current focus.

You state that you feel the need to grow up and live what your intellect knows. Ah! Here’s where we ask for the flexibility. You hold to the beliefs of what you believe to be, so tightly that what truly is cannot present itself to you. It is like an individual having eyesight that is diminished from capturing the full view and yet the individual is unaware that any other view is possible. Until one day this individual gets a pair of glasses, which helps him to expand his vision. Thus, a whole new world exists for him. Now it was always present, but unavailable to the limited sight.

We tell you our dear love that you too have limited sight. This sight does not depend upon age to support it; it depends on the allowance to open: The willingness to put on the glasses, so-to-speak. This requires the cooperation of the mind to allow the heart to open. The mind, you see, knows nothing really! What you speak of is contained within the heart of your being.

So then, if you wish, you may begin to take the focus from what you think you know and instead place it on FEELING what you really know. You see, the feeling is the knowing. Allow yourself to experience living from the heart center.

You ask can you share more. We say of course you can. This is how you open; how you learn your truth by living and expressing it. It is always possible! Each breath is a brand new beginning. Each new moment is an opportunity for you to unfold into the ebb and flow of all life. Follow this rhythm if you choose.

Blessings of Love to You!

The Voice of Oneness/Aumara