How do I know I am receiving guidance from a higher source?

Question: Are pain or discomfort a requirement to learn a life lesson? And how do I know I am receiving guidance from a higher source?

Dear One,

The Voice of Oneness is that of Love without conditions. Love abounds and is free to flow in and around all. It is not so that one must feel pain or discomfort to learn a lesson unless they make that choice. Messages given are to Guide and Support and are always free of judgment and expectations. Guidance is the free flow of Love which is to be felt within that causes a stir or call to action. It is not so at any time that one must feel pain or discomfort as both are conditions of the mind. Love is not within the mind. It speaks to and through the heart of All.

Now let us discuss pain as it is often related to change. When lessons are presented, they are given based on the need determined by the receiver. It is that the receiver who deems it necessary to enter into events or actions which hold the potentials for pain or discomfort to be present within. It is not the purpose of any message from a Higher Source to cause one discomfort or pain; as a Higher Source is operating within the band of Love frequencies.

Remember Dear One, the decision to change or not to change any action or event lies only WITH YOU! So it would be you who would call forth the opportunity to experience what you wish to be. When one is calling forth an experience to seek change, it is for a specific purpose and guidance may then be given to assist the individual in realizing their lesson. This is a process of expressing one's inner essence.

How do I know I am receiving guidance from a higher source?

Guidance is to guide; it is never to determine a path, set a judgment, or look for a specific result. These are the workings of the mind and not the higher frequencies of the heart. When receiving messages, there are questions that all need to ask. We want to suggest a few goodies here:

  • How does it feel?

  • Does it speak to your soul?

  • Do you feel the Love present?

  • And most importantly, Is the message empowering or disempowering?

  • Now, who is empowered? The receiver? or The Messenger? Or those presenting the message?

Questions to ask of all serving as messengers.

These are questions to be ask of all serving as messengers:

  • Who is speaking?

  • What is the purpose?

  • Are the messages presented of the Truth/ Light of the Creator of All?

When one knows this to be so, then Speak! All are One! Each is at their point of remembrance and is in constant communication with their soul for guidance. It is that we say to All --Trust in You for You know the way! Let it be that all sit within your heart center for you are to discern what is correct for your experience.

The Path is always within.