Raise Your Vibrations Using Affirmations

Choose the affirmation which appeals to you the most and wave it over the situation which confronts you. It is your magic wand, for your word is God in action. "It shall not return unto me void but shall accomplish that whereunto it is sent" (Issiah 55.11). Florence Scovel Shinn


What are affirmations?

Affirmations are a tool for transformation used to change your thought(s). Affirmations are messages to yourself of which you speak over and over. As a result, your body will listen and your consciousness will shift if you dutifully practice using the affirmations with focused intent to bring about a change of your mindset.

Say your affirmation with conviction!

When saying your affirmations, it is important that you apply the affirmations with a firm conviction that they are the truth and therefore, they already exist in a state of completion! They are to be repeated with this conviction for 30 days consecutively with the strength of knowing it is so. Instead of saying these words because they represent how you want to feel or experience, but these words now represent how you feel and experience your life. See the difference? One is a knowing - the other is a wanting. Wanting is not truth in action, but instead a false belief in the lack of.

Are you ready to begin?

Remember to practice saying your affirmations for at least 30 consecutive days. It is very powerful to say the affirmation in front of a mirror while looking directly into your eyes. Speak to your soul! Repeat the affirmation as many times a day as possible in front of a mirror for 30 consecutive days. Repetition is key! If you miss a day, start over at day one. This practice is to be for a minimum of 30 consecutive days.

Here are some affirmation to begin. I invite to preview thousands of affirmations (more added daily) just click the link to my Pinterest board. Happy Affirming!