Moving into Unity Consciousness

The message is now to stand firm in your belief of yourselves as individual beams of Light. It is so very important that all beings open to their individual power and come together in unity consciousness. It is the call to reunite; to come together to work together, play together and live together in Oneness.

It is through the living as One that All are to be healed. This includes the planet! If each individual were now to step out of fear and into Love as their experience, all would be healed in an instant. This is of course not what you are now witnessing.

For now there are those who have awakened and are serving as leaders of the way. They are anchoring their light bodies within the earth’s fields to create the space for others to awaken. This is felt by the shifting of energies.

Each day more and more people are becoming aware of the tremendous shifts in energy. This energy is calling for the cleansing and purification of all energy that is not of the frequency of Love.

This is and will continue to result in all experiencing the releasing of old ways and beliefs. Lives are being moved from one point of expression to another in a flash.

New awarenesses are being rapidly awakened. No longer are individuals taking lifetimes to come to awareness. Now it may be done in a matter of hours. This results in a state of confusion and uncertainty and may have many individuals questioning what is going on? I am no longer the same person I was just yesterday.

We say good for you! Congratulate yourselves on your tremendous growth. Embrace the changes and move swiftly to unity consciousness. For there are many others who will need help opening to new levels of awareness. This is why it is essential to join together – to open – to live and embody the principles of Oneness

We stress to all the importance of inner balance at this most crucial time in your planetary evolution.

Here's a helpful meditation to practice.

Meditation: It is important to take the time out of your day to stop and sit quiet (out in nature if possible) and breathe deeply into your body. Pay attention to your breath. Feel is as it moves in and out of your body, feel your body. Make a conscious effort to visualize all the stress within your body leaving your body from each pore of your body. See it as a foggy mist that is released from your body and drifts away from you as a golden beam of light from the heavens shines upon your body. This light dissolves the foggy mist and as a result, you feel lighter.

Imagine then, that this golden beam of light travels down into your body from the top of your head and moves all the way through your body to the tip of your toes. This light then exits your body through the souls of your feet and travels down into the earth like the roots of a tree, deep down to the central core of the earth.

This golden beam of light then flows within the magnetic core of the earth and cleanses and purifies the energies deep within the core. The earth’s core then beams a brilliant white ray of light outwards which travels up through the earth to the souls of your feet and re-enters your body and travels all the way through your body exiting from the crown of your head and springing forth as a magnificent fountain of brilliant white light, which shines forth and travels back to the heavens.

This light then returns back down to you and pours over your body as brilliant white raindrops. These droplets fall upon the earth serving to cleanse the earth. You feel your body is lighter and that your energy is strong. You feel relaxed and balanced.

It is best to do this practice 2x’s a day. Morning and nighttime are the best or at any time of stress. This practice centers and balances your energy within your body and the earth.