Living a Balanced Life

Question: How to manifest enough balanced physical/mental energy for each day?

Greetings Dear One,

You ask how to manifest enough balanced physical and mental energy each day. This is a good question for you. Your body is feeling the pull from the earth’s shifting energies and you wish to know how to adjust instead of feeling drawn or exhausted with bouts of mental confusion.

Let us say first that balance is a key word in your question. Balance is cultivated within by the individual through practices which support the body, mind and spirit connection. While these practices may vary somewhat, they all must support the individual’s overall being.

The cultivation of a lifestyle which supports balance includes: proper bodily care; proper attention to the mind/heart connection; and proper care of the physical body.

To begin, examine your current diet, this includes what you ingest, how you ingest it, and also looking at where, when, and with whom you take your food. Yes, this all matters. Are your food choices nutritious for YOUR body? Meaning, do they support your physical needs. Do you have ample sources of good proteins? Are your foods fresh and wholesome? Is there balance present in your diet? Is there too much sugar in your choices of food? Too much sugar affects the brain and may result in mental fogginess. See when you ask for balance it must be present in all areas.

Now let’s look at the preparation of your foods. Do you rely on others to prepare your food? You see all foods are to be prepared with Love. This is holding loving thoughts that serve as a blessing of the foods. As one eats foods that have been blessed with Love this energy of Love is ingested. Yes, the energy within the food source is ingested with the body. The same is true of harmful energies,who prepared your food affects the energy present in the meal. What of their energy is present in the meal, thoughts of Love or fear? You see this matters a great deal and is often overlooked, but when one seeks to balance all areas matter.

If you are preparing your meal, do so with Love. In other words, say to yourself, I choose these foods as they are nutritious and feel correct for my body as I love this body temple of mine, it deserves only the very best I can provide for it so that it provides the physical energy that I need. If someone else prepares your food, take a moment to bless your food before you place it into your body. Ask God (or Creator) to provide the blessing to raise the vibration of the foods this will remove any lower vibrations, so that these foods support your physical body. This is taking your food with Love. Also chew your food well being in gratitude with every bite. This places your attention on serving your body in Love.

Look next, to the times of which you are choosing to eat, with whom, and where you take your meals. Are you meal times erratic? Do you share your meals with others who are calm and peaceful or are they agitated? If they are agitated this causes a stressful state in the body. To work with this, a simple shared prayer or silent prayer before the meal setting the intention to share a meal with Love will shift the energy.

Your thoughts also impact the energy of the physical and mental bodies. How are you thinking about you and the world in which you are living? Are you focused on positive thoughts or are you concerned about your future? Thus, you are then practicing with fear of potential outcomes. You see there is so much at play here when you are asking for balance.

Balance requires mindful living in all areas of ones being. After reviewing diet and intake of foods, look to how you are taking care of your physical body through exercise. Do you stretch for pleasure, dance or ride a bike through trials in the woods (connecting with nature is a must for it is very balancing), or do you workout with stress and pressure? This is important as moderation is needed. Vary your activities to allow for your mind to experience freedom. Instead of I must do this or that as this does not hold flexibility.

You wish to play hard and demand performance, but there must also be a quiet time for contemplation and spiritual connection. No demands held within this time! We suggest a period of 20 minutes minimum daily for meditation to center and balance your energy. It is suggested that you sit alone and quiet just focusing on your breath as it moves in and out of your body. Breathe deeply and slowly and listen and feel the movement of the breath with no distraction present. Relaxing the body and just allowing yourself to be.

Each of these suggestions will assist you in leading a balanced lif