Guidance With My Divine Destiny

Question: Beloved Theos,

I would be ever so grateful to receive guidance at this time. Thank you for this beautiful service to those folks like myself, who would otherwise perhaps not have the opportunity to work with you in this way.I have recently come through many years of a serious illness. I have also released my previous life, most of my relations both blood family and otherwise, and I have let go of the life I knew and my old persona…really everything that I had known to be true.

At 53, I physically moved myself out of the Bay area, to this place here where I have been basically invisible, and still know no one but my healing team. I went from being a big-hearted social butterfly my whole life, to being a complete recluse. I have lived my life alone the last 10 years, and I feel I have been in some sort of SOUL preparation. I am perhaps finally feeling on the verge now of re-emerging back out onto the planet after many layers of healing Soul-work during these amazing transitional times on planet earth.

My true hearts desire now, is to align with my soul family and my Beloved Soul partner. I envision being of service to the upliftment of humanity…by BEING Divine Love…and emanating that love through the Sacred Union with my Beloved partner and the love we share for one another, and for God…as we travel around the earth to Sacred sites, bringing Love and wisdom to those places we are called to, while also being activated in these places of power. Any other visions for being of service change consistently…and I remain open to whatever is the highest wisdom of course.This does seem to be the clearest vision I have for my future and has been for many years.

I have just returned from Mt Shasta, where I have spent my summers for much of 25 years. I am always drawn to move there, and again the possibility and the call to move there has once again come into my space. I don’t really think I could bare to move myself in a U-haul truck again, and I don't have help in this moment. I also know I would manifest what I need if this is my souls true path at this time. I really don’t know if living within the vortex of this Sacred mountain..or any vortex for that matter, is truly highest wisdom? I keep wondering if I am just supposed to continue to go there to absorb the Light frequencies, and then bring that energy back out to the world as I have done for many years?

On the big picture, I of course want to be “placed” in my right home for the coming times, and also where I can be of the greatest service. I want to be where I can also gracefully align with my Soul tribe, and live peacefully in harmony with nature.Can you please guide me in terms of my Divine Destiny path at this crucial time, and also whether it highest wisdom for me to finally move to Mt Shasta, and if so when it is right timing? If not, is Grass Valley serving in my healing, and my soul growth, and will I finally connect in here?

Blessed Be.

In great gratitude,

Greetings Beautiful Sunshine,

You speak of so many heart callings! Your experiences have led you many places and you desire to continue to expand. Your struggles have been great and you have been triumphant over so many obstacles that you have placed in your path of remembrance.

This is where we wish to begin now. Your life has been a dance down the path of remembrance. Along the way you have experienced great joys and also great sorrows, but all experiences propelling you forward to continue the dance - the fluid movement of your great being.

Along this path you have stopped to smell the flowers, and at times, you have passed by fields of plenty seeing only emptiness. You have bought yourself to great heights of ecstasy and deep depths of despair. You’ve seen yourself traverse many mountains and have sought to rest a bit along the way.

You’ve held within a hard lesson, one of which is unfolding and continuously present for you to participate within. Your perceptions have led you to physical destinations to recoil and rejuvenate. The allowing of yourself to express as you so desire, free of the perceived harmful influences of other environments, has been an opportunity to experience yourself more deeply.

You say, letting go of ‘old persona’ ways of being…and all that you’ve known to be true. Moving away to become introverted, the polar opposite of your original perception of self. Arriving now at what you believe to be a place of alignment and balance. You say, that you wish to experience yourself as Divine Love, and to merge with your Soul family and Beloved Soul Partner.

Your vision is lofty and admirable! However, we ask you this: What keeps you from this experience? You say you can see yourself traveling to sacred sites to share your Love and wisdom, while receiving the blessings from these sites.

Dear One, know that we could go much more in detail here to develop the deepest understanding, but we feel you can follow all that we are saying and be open to allow for the undfoldment to take its natural course.You also mentioned journeying to Mt. Shasta; a place in which you feel in resonance, but not yet sure if you can maintain yourself successfully within the mountain’s marvelous frequencies.

You ask if you should relocate to this site.To answer this question and all of your questions that you are expressing we would like to pose the following question to you: What is it that your Soul is saying to you? You see, this question is your dialogue with your Soul. The Soul wishes to experience the energies of expansion, to be FREE, while your mind continues to lead you deeper into the forest.You see Dear Sweet Beloved; you are searching to find answers to a puzzle the you designed. Each time you come close to completing the puzzle, your mind creates new pieces, so the game continues. This is the fun of it! Dreaming, wondering leads one deeper into realities of the dream.

Meanwhile, the Soul says, come let’s experience freedom. Let’s be free! The Soul is calling you to return to the Source of Your True Power. The Sacred Site within You! Return Home to You…Your Heart Center…Your connection to Source.You see, this is the Sacred Site you wish to experience. It cannot be expressed through the visitation to any physical site.

Now, do not misunderstand what we are saying; the visiting of physical sites with highly charged energies may be a wondrous experience for some, and if one is ready to receive may even assist in the further expansion of consciousness in alignment with the Soul. You see there is so much more we could say of sacred sites, but for you the most important message for you to receive is that you hold within your being all that you are seeking.

All that you run from, all that you open to embrace ALL is contained within you. To comprehend this one facet is one step of spiritual development, yet to truly embody this as knowing is quite another.You have asked for Mastership. The desire for Sacred Union is very much held within and will be your experience once you have stepped fully into Mastership.

So we say to you, embrace where you are, allowing for the experiencing of your truth to be revealed, not in Sacred Sites, or the presence of any other being, but within Your Heart. As you open to the True Divine Beauty of You…You are in the Highest Service…you are in all Sacredness. This will be your understanding as you come upon this.Think about your physical location and ask yourself, do I appreciate the beauty that surrounds me? Is there present in my current environment the energy of which uplifts and inspires me? Does my body feel attuned with the frequencies of the land here?

Now ask yourself these very same questions about Mt. Shasta, and then you decide what you wish to experience. The places, people, and all you see and feel around you no matter where you are, are the reflections of what you are holding within you: The WHO you see yourself as. You are ready now to step back into the world again with a more powerful presence. This is a natural order with the Divine Unfoldment of You.

Sit for a moment and take a deep breath into your body…allowing your body to be filled with the Divine Essence of You. Hold the breath for a moment and then release it freely, easily, and completely. Do this (3 times). Then ask yourself: Where is it that I am most aligned with at this current moment? See or feel your vision for yourself – listening to the gentle voice and guidance of your Soul.See! When you are truly ready to step out and reveal your True Nature, you will experience the greatness of you, in the correct place with the Divine company you seek with the knowing that ALL IS ALWAYS AS IT NEED to BE.

There are no missteps… only opportunities to experience the beauty of You in each and every experience. No matter where you are, or who find yourself in the company of, you will always be present, in various states of knowing! You see there exists no Limitations placed upon you, the only limitations you’ll ever experience are your own beliefs, and nothing happens before its time!

Journey well beloved!

Blessings of Great Love, Peace, Joy and Harmony!

Theos presented by Aumara Saatia Ra