What Is My Soul Purpose Here?

Ask Aumara Question: What is my soul purpose here?

Greetings Dear Divine Love,

You are connected with the feeling of not fully connecting to your Source. Thus you experience, confusion, a feeling of loss, and even, at times exhaustion from trying to understand the depth of you.

We hear your question. "What is my soul purpose here?" Ah! We hear this question plenty! This is a great concern for most, as each feels that knowing one's purpose is important to be correct; a if you could ever not be correct.

You see, you are here as you term it, you are aware of your presence in this physical experience, aware of your physical form, and of a greater form as well! You can feel your higher-self. You can feel the sense of joy that rushes through you when you connect, and this is what you want to continue to feel. But have not been able to maintain this experience. So it is that you feel it eludes you because you have yet to find what you believe is your 'True Soul Purpose.'

Ah! This is a troublesome quest, is it not: Always searching for the purpose of your soul in this life experience? Ummm! What do I do now you say? Help me to see clearly you say! I will do whatever it is that is my Soul's Purpose. Just let me feel my connection! Let me experience the Joy, Love, Peace and Knowing that are to be accomplished by living my Soul's Purpose.

If we were walking the earth with you, we would say to you, come and sit with us...let's talk! Let's share experiences. We could discuss some of your past experiences of which have led you to your current experience, or we could discuss your purpose here and now.

We would like to begin by telling you, that you are living your soul's purpose in each and every breath. All that you do, every thought, word and deed is the experiencing of your soul! You are always connected, always working purposely together.

All of your experiences have purpose. Every chance (or what appears to be) chance meeting and everything in your life holds purpose, or your Creator would not have placed these things within your experience

You see all is truly connected! All people and all aspects of creation are connected in the Great Web of Life. To come to the deepest understanding of the concept of all is One, is your Soul's True Purpose.

You see Dear Beautiful One, You and all are here for the purpose of experiencing your True self: In all of its Glory! To fully embody this awareness and thus merge back into the One Source! You see, and we feel you understand, you are Divine Consciousness living in a physical form experiencing life on this planet for the completion of your journey of Self-Realization.

Now, having explained to you the greater purpose, we would say to you here is where the fun begins. To live you soul's purpose of Self-Realization, you get choose how you wish to experience yourself, to play out what we may call lessons or expressions to assist you in completing your soul's purpose.

To do this you choose the course for how you will accomplish what it is that is attainable for your soul growth. You see, there are unlimited avenues that you may choose to walk down. Each choice will present opportunities for soul growth.

So how do you choose which way to go? Where to live? Who to develop relationships with or what career path to pursue? While these questions may appear difficult to answer, they are not. We wish you to know that you are always guided in the direction that you need be (this is where the lesson of trust is learned). Every experience that you (and all others) have, you drawn to you and is exactly what is needed in the moment to take you to your next greatest expression of you.