What is The Meaning of This Weird Dream?

Ask Aumara Question –Dream Interpretation

I was waiting in a small room for Aumara, The room had a low ceiling and there was not enough room to stand up. I was lying on my stomach on tan carpeting. There was a small table like an end table with a small orange pumpkin on it. My barefoot got stuck under the door and I couldn’t reach the knob to open it. I knew Aumara would be coming back so I didn’t worry. She came, opened the door, we laughed about it and then I left which was odd because we were suppose to have a meeting or something.

When I went outside I was on land, lots of dirt and some trees, it reminded me of my dad’s property because there were horse stalls.

I wandered around and came to an outside closet or storage room. In the room were boxes with clothes of mine that I was donating. The boxes were not sealed. It looked like someone had riffled through some of the boxes and on closer examination, I saw that there were gobs of wet blood on top the clothes.

I walked away puzzled and wondering where the blood came from. I continued to walk the grounds and saw off in the distance what looked like a dead body with blood. I walked the other direction and saw a man wearing a uniform who looked like military or police and he said to clear the area because there was something happening. I wanted to ask him for more info, but he was in a hurry and so I just pointed towards the body. Another couple of men dressed the same were coming behind him. I was going to ask them, but I woke up.

Dear Sweet Dreamer,

This is a dream of what is and what is to be. You (Auamara) are the one with the knowledge, the one who brings clarity. This is understood by the dreamer. You help her to move through the energy which is trapped. This one (Dreamer) knows this intuitively! She understands that she is going to move through her feelings of being trapped.

She is face down on the earth. She is lying on the tan carpet, which represents the earth. The table represents higher thought and the pumpkin is the time of harvest. She finds herself in a room where the ceiling is low and she unable to stand up. Yet she knows you (Aumara) are coming, You represent the knowledge to set her free.

She works through the current limitations and begins to explore familiar grounds with a new perspective. Her thoughts of old – old clothing she has boxed away to release. She looks through these garments for familiar tones and experiences the view of fresh blood. This blood is from the wounds of man. She feels mankind’s’ wounds. She sees the uniforms which represent structures; forces of control. These forces are busy at work dealing with new energies and she directs them to the dead body; which represents the energies of old ways.

This is her mind processing the current events and her relationship within the world. She realizes there is much death to come and is aware that she has yet a greater role to play. She wanders on the earth in the midst of activity, yet not knowing what it is she is to do. She does know there is so much more to come.

The boxes of old clothes is the preparing to release the past and move with the new, yet feeling there still exists powers around her that have command over her experience. Thus, the boxes where not sealed. She wishes to understand more deeply but yet it is not time.

There is much revealed here for her on many levels. However, what is important is the realization that she is to continue. Her higher knowledge will set her free to move forward. What is to come will be a new way of living for all. This one is preparing for her role, yet to be revealed. As it is with all beings, the awareness is gained at just the right moment. Remember that nothing is ever by chance. All is revealed at the perfect unfoldment.

So sweet dreams lovely dreamer! All is exactly as it need be. You are right where you need to be and when you are needed elsewhere; know that you will find yourself there. Trust in Love of which you are. The greater knowledge is to be developed and the harvest will be reached with abundant blessings.

Sweet Dreams!