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I am so blessed with a connection to my angels, spirits and guides and Arch Angels . However the very human part of me craves clear validation of some sort that I am understanding the messages correctly and I am passionately seeking clear clairvoyance. So I ask beloved Theos and Spirit for direction in following this path so that I can use this gift to spread love and light to others and across this world. Thank you again for this opportunity. Namaste


Ah! The Love of which is sent to you is abundant! We are here now to speak of the Love of which is within you! It is also abundant! You see, all that you believe you wish to experience is already within you. Your connection to all you speak of as angels, spirit guides, and Arch Angels, are this of which we speak! As you open to receive the Love of your angels or guides, are you not focused on your Divinity? Are you not concentrating on the Love which is present?

Yes, you can feel our Love! Yes, you are aware of our presence within you! What you are truly seeking is to deepen your conscious awareness of our presence. You see, our Dear Love, we are with you to assist you in your understanding of that which you truly are. We guide you, we console you, and we even uplift you.

What better way to feel our connection at this time. As you are open to the flow of our Love, you can feel the Divine Essence of you. You brighten and sparkle as you delight in our connection.

You ask if you understand our messages correctly and to this we say, if you feel the Love, which we is within you, then you correctly understand our touch. If you feel empowered you correctly understand! If you feel moved in the direction of your greatness, if you are uplifted, inspired, flooded with emotion, all is correct!

We are the Love of which you are. We reach out to you and all who are asking to awaken to their true self. We speak only of Love. We will never ask you to do anything. We will advise, guide, support, and encourage you to explore the greatness of you! But we will never demand, command, or lead you anywhere, but within yourself!

You see Dear Love, we lead you home to you! We speak of Love, beauty of all that is you. We walk with you always. We encourage you to go deeper within your experiences to feel your feelings, to cleanse and clear away beliefs that are of old and no longer support you.

We open you up to new experiences so that you unfold in the beauty of you – all in Divine order.This is what we wish you to understand: You are so Loved! You are so beautiful! You are all that you’ll ever be in perfect Divine Expression. This is our message to you and all!

You ask how can you be of service and share this gift of feeling our presence with others. We suggest to you that you allow yourself to feel our Love and let it flow within and through you. Stepping now into the fullness of our Love.

You do like to write! You do love to explore your awareness of your day-to-day activities. In this, you may open your heart to share authentically with your brothers and sisters around the globe. Learn your Truth – Be Your Truth, Share your Truth. This is a Way shower! What higher service is there than being Love?

As you open to be and share the highest Love you can hold Love will naturally unfold within and around you. This is free from pressure to perform or be understood by anyone, it is a natural blessing.

We are saying to you to learn to open fully, to trust in our Love. Share our messages as you live them. It is by experiencing the way that one becomes the way. So it is Way shower!

You see, how you express yourself is always up to you. When you allow the flow of Love to be present and flow freely within it. The way is shown to you, you do not need to find the way. We know you understand! You see Dear One, you are already Love and Light! Be You, and your Love pours forth as your Light shines brightly. Speak from the heart! Write! Share your words. Let the Love flow.

You wish to have clear clairvoyance to be ever present within. Once again it already is, but has not yet fully manifested as you have some clearing to do first in the form of learning to let yourself flow. This will all come to you in exact Divine timing.

Know first, that you hold right here and now all you need to reach out to anyone and spread Love. Open your heart fully to yourself. This we say to you, as you receive, so too you are to give. As you receive guidance and flow within it, you pass it on to those who are to receive from you.

We ask you to sit quietly and let yourself imagine how you would like to share messages of Love with others. How is it you see yourself healing hearts? Let the visions flow and feel yourself in action watching where your imagination takes you and know we are there! Let yourself flow into the way for you! Remember to look not at any other, but hold your sight within you! Your unique gifts, your way is the only way for you.

Step into the Love – Be Joyful – Share! Write! Speak and Sing!

We Love you more than you can imagine and are always with you!

We are The Voice of Oneness – The Voice of Love – known here as Theos


Theos and Aumara

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