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Ask Aumara Question:

I have heard of the importance of living in the moment. But to consciously manifest a new reality one must leave the moment and create a mental blueprint of the new experience. So, in your mind, you would be living and feeling in this new experience that hasn’t come about yet and not in the moment, right? Is that the correct practice? What is the difference between fantasy/daydreaming and manifestation through the mind?

Dear Mighty Manifester,

You speak of the manifestation process. The workings of the Law of Manifestation are to be clearly understood. You also speak of the “now” moment. Your understanding of what it means to be in the now is not exactly what the “now” is all about.

You describe wanting to consciously manifest and attempting to do so by creating a mental image within your mind so that you could live and feel your desired outcome. You ask is this process correct? You also ask what is the difference between fantasy/daydreaming and manifestation through the mind.

What is The Law of Manifestation?

The Law of Manifestation states that you create based on your thoughts. What you hold within – your thoughts, your energy is within and this is where your focus lies. What results are the creations of your experience of receiving what your thoughts have projected. However, this process also includes other factors of which must be considered.

The Law of Manifestation is a physical law operating within your known universe. It is how all within your universe is created. We dare say even you. This law states that what you desire to create is made manifest. Your desires are the energy of information that defines what you wish to experience. This energy or desire must be aligned with the energy of your beliefs. It is necessary for you to believe that you can create and receive what it is you wish. This belief opens up the pathway so-to-speak for the manifestation to occur.

The actual law operates on the action of like energy attracts to it like energy. In other words, your thoughts of what you wish to manifest will give off a particular frequency or energetic charge, this frequency or charge must match the frequency or charge that your thoughts about yourself give off.

Therefore, if you realize that you are a creator being, and that all you have to do is hold a thought of desire for something to be made manifest and you believe this is your right to do so, then it will show up in your life. If, a big If, this desire is in alignment with the God force; meaning that the manifestations serve your highest good and the good of those who share in this manifestation. So it is that your intent must be pure. It is your attention (focus) plus your intention (thoughts) that produce the manifestation always.

The "Now Moment.

You ask about the “now” moment. We say you can only create from the “now” moment, as in the now moment is the only place you truly exist within. It is true, that to create you must place your attention on that which you desire. You must place your intention into the equation.

So in the now moment you hold the thought of your desire. This thought is accompanied by your intention and as it receives the attention, an emotional response occurs. In other words you experience a feeling within your body that makes this desire come to life. If you embrace this feeling and believe in your ability to experience this desire knowing that because you ask, and it serves the highest good, this in it yours. The results manifest within your experience based on your ability to hold the thought while maintaining the feeling of it already existing for you. All in the Now moment!