Can I Take a Leap of Faith?

Ask Aumara Question: “At what point do people take a leap of faith and trust the net will follow?”

Dear One,

At this time, you find yourself (as most do) uncovering the inner truths for each must come to a place of clear focus. You are wandering around in a fog of sorts. You feel the need to make sense out of some of the choices that you’ve made. But this is not important! What is important is the connection to self. The ability to feel! To know that the divine connection is always present in you.

We say to you at this time there is much going on for you and yet, there is only one thing going on — You’re trapped within your mind; seeing with your mind. Oh! Which way do I go? Oh no! I can’t go this way or that way. So trying to escape from the fear of loss of control, you control too much. You question, can I do that which is within my heart? How will the world allow it?

The fear of lack of acceptance, lack of visible monies, worries over your abilities all cause IMMOBILITY. While it is clear that a point of opening to other possibilities has been reached, your mind seeks to control the new path. Thus, your heart is saying, oh! That won’t work.

To begin with here are some questions to ask yourself: What is the net? What purpose would such an object serve? Who needs a safety net? You understand the use of a net is for protection from a fall. Where is it you feel you are likely to fall from? Are you frightened to fall from the known into the unknown? Is this a concern?

Of course you feel the mind spinning out of control with thoughts of how to survive. The main function of your mind is to interpret data and the data you are inputting is all fear based. You are playing the "what if" game.

So, you ask at what point do you take a leap of faith and trust the net will follow.

The safety net of which you are speaking of is Trust! At what point do I trust myself to make what I believe to be the correct decisions. In the past, I have made decisions which were not the best for me. Ah! We say, this is a matter of realizing what is happening within you at this time of great change.

You and all others are facing the beliefs you hold through your experiences in order to release those that no longer serve you. This is the cleansing and clearing away of those energies of which you hold that no longer represent your truth of who you are. It is part of the process of awakening. It is for you to realize that you are creating your every experience.

So then who holds the net? You decide in each and every moment just what will be your experience, whether you realize it or not. Each thought you hold is reflected in your experiences and your physical, mental, and emotional bodies. The physical body reflects the thoughts held as beliefs about who you are. It is always that illness stems from thoughts held in the mind.

You mentioned depression and tears and said this is not me. Yes, you are correct this is truly not you who you are. However, it is reflective of the false beliefs about yourself that you hold.

We suggest to you that you realize that you are in the process of awakening and as such, there are many experiences you will have which are opportunities to release energy that no longer serves you. Thus, you may wish to turn your attention from your believed suffering to a much more beautiful place — one of Self Love and Acceptance.

This is done be allowing yourself to be. The use of personal affirmations, meditation and a practice that includes learning to experience your true nature will serve to heal your fears. Practice breathing deep within the body and allow yourself to feel your energy.

The life changes that you seek to make will become clear as you gain in clarity. The trust is to be held within and therefore the net is always in place.

Blessings of Peace.