What is Hell? How Do I Never Go There?

Ask Aumara Question:

What is Hell? It sounds so scary…lakes or fire? Satan? What makes a person get there? How do I never go there?

We are to answer this question in two ways. The first way is in a general context and the second is in a personal context. As we are teachers of the Voice of Divine Oneness, we speak only of Love.We hold only Love in all that we are. Our expression is therefore one of Pure Love.

We know only the beauty contained in all life. All holds beauty as all is Love. This is true for all of creation. All that you see around you is Love; you are Love. Yet, you do not recognize this Love. You are filled with fear and as such, you focus your energy on living with fears.

You Ask, Is There a Hell?

What makes a person go there? And how do I never go there? Why have you not asked us, is there a Heaven? How do I get there? What is it like in Heaven? Does anything exist outside of Heaven?

One creates with the powers of their mind a conscious state of Heaven or a dark, lonely existence fraught with fear, which is then their Hell. Both of these experiences appear to be very real. So does Hell truly exist? We would answer yes, but only as a state of consciousness, and not as a place for sinners to be summoned upon departure from the physical experience.

You Are Only Love.

We hear your questions and we feel your stress. There is so much we wish to share with you, but we do realize there is only so much that you are able to understand at this time.We do like your questions and feel that many will be stirred by our answers.

To begin, let us say that we are not seeking to preach teachings of the existence of a Hell or a Heaven. Or to paint a picture for your mind to respond to of what either may be for you. Instead, we answer your questions from the perspective of that which we are; Love.

We are the Voice of Divine Oneness and the Path of Love is what we speak: Only Love! We are only Love. This may also be said of you — you are only Love, yet you have not come upon this realization of this absolute truth.

Love Is Truly All That Exists.

You see, all of creation is Love. Love is truly all that exists. This principle is an absolute truth and is for all to realize as your consciousness expands through life experiences. It is the experiencing of life that presents to you your world. This world takes place from your mind.

It is your thoughts and beliefs that create your experience or reality.Just stop and think for a moment of the first feeling of being in Love. Use your imagination to recall details of your experience.

When in love all have the feeling that all is absolutely perfect. The colors all around you may seem brighter, you have a sunny outlook for your life and everything is wonderful. Why? You see, you are creating the feelings by your thoughts that all is perfect.

You Create Your Reality.

Now you can see and feel this as an example of how you create your reality. You bring joy and happiness into your experience as your thoughts are of love.The same can be said of the experience of wanting a particular job.

You go on the interview feeling you want this job, it is perfect for you and you can see yourself working at this job, you can feel it is correct. This results in you getting the job! When you receive the news, you are exuberant, jumping for joy and at that moment your world seems so perfect. All is bright, and you’re in a beautiful place within your mind. Everything appears to be going your way. You are happy!

In both of these examples, we can say that within your mind you’re hopeful and happy; everything is grand. This is an example of experiencing a sense of Heaven within your mind. You see these experiences are aligned with your beliefs about what is good in your world.

To be in love- ah…This is a wonderful experience and one of which all appreciate. Who does not call for love to be their experience?Gaining employment in the place you so desire to work is also a grand experience of which matches a belief within your mind of wanting this job and the value of receiving it so therefore, all is Heavenly in your mind.

These are but two examples used here just for you, as there are many others we could have chosen as well. But this will do for now.

Fearful Thoughts Create Suffering.

So you can see that all is well within the mind now and this remains so until the experience changes. What if after beginning the new job, you find that your supervisor is a very angry individual who yells a lot and often criticizes all of her employees. After working at this job for several weeks, you find that you do not appreciate this position, in fact, your body does not want to get up out of bed in the morning and you have constant headaches from the stress.

You really want to quit this job, but your mind says no, don’t quit, you need the money to pay your rent and to care for yourself. What if you quit and can’t find another job: So the thoughts go round and round in your head.

These are fearful thoughts. You see Dear One; all fearful thoughts are not aligned with the truth of your being; which is Love. And as such these fearful thoughts cause stress in the mind and body to various degrees. This trouble within the mind is a condition that may be called Hell. It often appears to be a place of which one feels stuck with no way out.

Heaven of Hell...You Choose.

Heaven and Hell can only ever be and experience and experiences take place within the mind. One whose mind is filled with fearful thoughts exists within the Hell of their own creation. As one grows in understanding of their true Divine nature, one begins to experience life from a very different perspective as the power of Love in action.

The Love of God, God’s Love is the power in all and around all always, but it must first be experienced in one’s consciousness to become one’s reality.So we ask you now, do you feel it is best to live in a state of fear, or be it best to learn how to release your fears and embrace the Power of Love.

Thus, exiting Hell and entering Heaven. As Jesus said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within You!How Do You Enter Hell?To answer the question how does one enter hell? We say always and ONLY through one’s own mind by the thoughts one chooses to focus on.

To Enter Heaven Watch Your Thoughts.

Are you being kind, thoughtful, compassionate, generous, loving, understanding, and patient with yourself and others around you, including all living beings? Are you living with Faith, Hope, and Trust in yourself as a Divine Being. Thus Divinely Loved, Guided and Supported always in All Ways?

Or are you consumed with anger, vengeance, jealousy, hatred, judgments, prejudice, fear etc. You see how it is that your thoughts that take you wherever you want to go.