I Feel Stuck and Unsure of My Purpose.

Ask Aumara Question:

Hi Aumara, Thank you for being available to guide and support us on our journey. One of my biggest challenges in life, and on the spiritual path, is to know which direction to go. Even though I know that there is no right or wrong path necessarily, and that what matters is the attitude in which you approach anything you do, I also know, and have known for as long as I can remember, that there is something specific that I am here to do. Some say that I am being a spoiled brat for thinking this way, and that I should take any job that comes my way, especially given my current financial situation. But the thought of doing that deeply saddens me. It is as if I am grieving the loss of something I have not yet found. Maybe they are right, and if they are I need to know soon. I am learning to listen to my guidance but am often confused between what is true divine guidance versus what is ego or fear driven guidance. I am beginning to learn to decipher the quality of the messages but still feel stuck and afraid to move towards my heart's desire, and away from what seems like the safer path. I lose sight of what is true. I hope you can shed some light on my dilemma. With much love and abundant blessings


Dear Beautiful Shinning Star,

Your light is so bright! But you do not yet see it! You look towards all of the other stars around you to shine their light upon you, and the light you see around you; you believe that it is not yours, but that it is the light of the other stars.You beseech us to assist you by shining our spiritual light onto your physical experience, as you sit within the shadows of your being. To this we say, of course! We are here for you and All.

Let’s begin by looking at where you feel you are now. As you wrote to us, your heart ached! You expressed that you felt that you are missing something and this something is very specific. To this we say you are absolutely correct! Yes, you are missing the Truth of You!

You are looking in so many different directions, as if you are lifting so many rocks to look underneath to find the answer you seek. Yet, each time you lift a new rock you find it does not provide an answer, just more of the same confusion.

We say to you that what you seek cannot ever be found beneath the rocks or in-between the cracks along the pathway of your physical life. You spend so much precious energy trying to uncover the source of true and unfading Happiness and Joy that it is almost like trying to capture a rainbow. You can see it exists, yet you cannot seem to locate its position. You strive to be happy, yet you have not allowed yourself to embrace joy or happiness.

This is truly what saddens you! This is what you grieve for as you place value on things of the physical world. The correct path, money, and physical accomplishments, do you really believe within your heart, that these things are your source of happiness and joy? Do you also really believe that these things are being hidden from you?

We want you to know how beautiful you are! How bright your light shines. But you are the one who is to come to this realization through living the life of your choices.

You say that you’ve always known you were meant to do something. This something you feel is of great importance and to be life-changing. Again, we affirm your correctness! The life you are here to transform is your own. The one to awaken here is you.

The questioning of what to do, which path to travel…oh so much woe! You have shed so many tears, experienced so much frustration and feelings of incompetence as you have spent so much energy in the searching for the correct path. The correct direction to lead you to your happiness and fulfillment of a perceived destiny.

You say you are learning to listen to the Divine Messages. This is beautiful! But we ask you, are you listening to you? Do you not realize your Divinity? You are a Divine Messenger. You are all you need be!

You are suffering from the lack of this realization! You see, you believe yourself to be lacking in so many ways. Yes, you also see your strengths, but have not applied them where they are truly needed. Your courage, determination, and your strong will, are to be placed in the direction of your happiness!

You see, you are intelligent, kind, generous, loving and so very sensitive, not to forget, so attuned to the heart that it scares you away. You dare not feel too deeply, for to express your creative juices and let them flow you would lead you to venture deeply into the space of your heart.It is for you to look closely at what scares you most. That is the direction to follow. Turn towards the heart and away from the logical reasoning sense that keeps you planted in the thought of lack

This lack is reflected in your perceived financial picture, as you fear your finances are not able to sustain you. Money is energy as is everything in the universe. Here this energy represents your present state of consciousness. What you believe about you.

The perceived lack of wholeness, the perceived inability to locate the correct pathway, is reflected in all areas of your experience. This is done to help simply you identify where you are in your thinking. Are your thoughts empowering or disempowering?

You see it matters not very much what path you choose, for you bring yourself with you wherever it is you go. That is why each new endeavor ends in disappointment.

Now just imagine for a moment if the ideal position where to fall into your lap, would you rejoice and say how deserving am I? Or would you accept this position holding the thought of; what if there is another shoe waiting to drop? Can I maintain this level of Joy? Hmmm.

What do you feel? Yes, you know the answer; we did say you are intelligent and so sensitive. You do hear your Divine Messages to self. When you truly listen! You receive Divine Guidance and are so very loved and supported always, but you do not TRUST! You question and doubt yourself! This results in confusion and frustration.

You see we can only point you in the direction of You. The True You! We cannot make you believe in you or shift your thinking to support the grandest version of you. This is your job! This is what you are here to do! This is the big job!As you take the action to believe in you, the doors fly open to allow in all the events and people to support your vision of you.

So let’s look again at you! Yes, you are here to do something specific. You’ve always known this, as it is a message from you soul. You see, you are here to transform your beliefs about yourself. You are here to set yourself free! You are here to Love you! When you Love you—you Love All and you help to set All free!

You are a system buster! You are not here to fall in line and tow the rope (so-to-speak). No, you are here to set the way! But first, you must realize that you are the way! You must BELIEVE in You! The challenge is in the doing: The releasing of old ways.

You say you are learning to listen to the Divine Messages and we say you are finally beginning to allow yourself to be. You are learning to loosen up the grip you’ve had upon your happiness.Listen now to the rhythm of your being as it is held within the whole of creation. You are to dance to the music of your own soul’s creation. Only this tune will be correct for you.

We realize it is hard for you now, but you are to silence the music of other’s voices and dance your dance! Trusting and believing that you are a Divine Being!

When looking for financial security go to your consciousness and set the tone of I am secure in my being as I am One with all of life. I am a child of the One Source – God – Infinite Intelligence. As I place myself here, I am always safe, secure, and whole. The essence of the Divine within me is my source of all abundance.

Yes, attitude does matter, but beyond it is the truth of you. And that is revealed in each and every moment as your consciousness expresses in the form of life experiences. As you work to release all thoughts of lack, you will find all areas of perceived lack in your life dissolving, disappearing, to be replaced with the abundance of that which your truth.

This is your job! Your path! Your responsibility and the great task you are here to do; to find your way back to You! The true You! You will place yourself in whatever experience you need to for the accomplishment of this task.

Now for the day-to-day reality of what to do to make money, we would like for you to envision yourself being happy, feel deeply into this vision: then, Dear Shinning Star, look only within yourself for the answer of which direction to go. Let your light shine so that you light with pure joy.

Now, think what gives you joy? What makes you feel uplifted, inspired, peaceful, powerful, creative, and so on…? Then think what tires you out, is boring, discourages you, and zaps you of wanting to experience more.When you’ve answered these questions honestly, from your heart and not you logic and reasoning, this includes looking to your bank account; you will see clearly that you have the direction to move in. Be sure to proceed with the feeling that you are divinely guided.

The perfect path is open to you as you realize your true role is Self-Transformation! The opportunities will be released onto your path as you come into alignment with them.

So step with us into the Light of your ever shining star!