Intense Energetic Shifts Create New Ways of Being.

Question: What is going on energetically? It seems like chaos.

Oh yes! A time of great change. The movement of frequencies through the fields of human auras is intense. A time of mixed energetic happenings. Some refer to this as a time of chaos.

If correctly understood one would say that Birthing is the true term that clearly defines the process. Yes, Birthing! Birthing a new in the here and now to flow within the higher frequencies. Those who would have just a short time ago been swimming within thoughts of limitations are now finding themselves seated within a field of unlimited potentials. In this field, is where opportunities abound in the direct magnetic match to the degree of openness one agrees to hold and thereby anchor in the field of energy.

So we have a resulting expansion of possibilities to witness, to explore, to make manifest in the physical world of Light. Yes, Light! You exist in a world of Light. Sound frequencies are resonating to produce Light. But what of the exploration of new energy? The actual stepping into play with the potentials. THIS IS A WHOLE NEW WAY OF BEING! The actualization of information in the manifestation of a more complex and inter-dimensional experience.

Personal Note: Suddenly I began experiencing numbness in the fingers of my right hand as I was writing this transmission. Then this is what was said to me:

Say this aloud to yourself - This is a channel of frequencies by which this form now embodies that support the highest good for all concerned. The physical is in condition to join with the higher potentials of which are called into play at this moment. I now balance the energies in a perfect harmonious flow so that this body is pain-free - and free to be in perfect health here and now. I ground this state of perfection into my energetic field as I am the one who is the responsible for the energy of all that I acknowledge and accept in all forms made manifest through my thoughts. This is evident to me now- I see this to be! I am free, I am free, I am free. Say - Be! I followed the instructions given and the numbness disappeared.

Ah yes, Channels opening give way to the creation of a new field of expression. Let the release of limiting energies pour through and out of you now. Hold onto nothing! No way of being! This is old energy. The way of being is in constant unfoldment - Let it unfold free of impedance! This is what is to be taught.

This is an energetic process for opening the field to receive - to join - to unite with the higher frequencies of the Soul. This is our Journey of Soul Connections; a service of guided journey - through the use of imagery - sound - light - color - reflections to connect deeper with the higher energies of one's soul. Shattering old patterns, crumbling old paradigms, giving rise to the new way of being and this is the focus. Patterns of beliefs set into motion the fields of the energetic display from which all physical manifestations are birthed.

While many people like to gather together, groups are not always such a good idea. The dynamics of a group is oftentimes very unstable as energy is bouncing off each other and the magnification of group energy occurs which may not be very balanced.

Now that being said, groups which are stabilized through their individual fields of balanced energies or those who are assisted by higher evolved energies may flow in unification to the higher fields and the resulting manifestation of energies is dynamic and of a powerful field of higher vibrations.

Oh yes, the moving of mountains, the shattering of rocks, the shifting of seismic fields of such force that plates shift. Oh! What happened? The instruments measured a rising vibratory pattern but then it collapsed. How is this possible? AH! A new way of being, new fields of dynamic resonance - clusters of polarity charged particles that ripple and spin in new ways.

Cosmic energies are now in play in such a way that it is time to realize this field and how to move within it with greater adherence to the frequencies of Love. Oh yes! As new energies begin to proliferate denser fields - disturbance patterns must arise - then, teachings are given for how to work within the new fields. So that stabilization of forms occurs.

To continue the unfoldment of consciousness when one feels or believes that they are in an environment of which they do not understand the energy, this brings about a state of confusion and lower frequencies of fear. To counter this occurrence teachers arrive on the scene who teach of the new fields, so that learning may take place resulting in harmonious resonance restored.

Yes, the times are going to be very interesting. But we are together to teach how to navigate new fields safely. Awareness of this process provides comfort and enables the development in ways of which are relatively free from fear. Where residue of fear exists it is quickly burned off. All are to move in an more expanded version of their expression in each moment.

The movement to accommodate higher frequencies follows a course provided by the individual experience, even when one is part of a collective expression such as a group study. Therefore, the flow of higher frequency energy exists always in the field of potentiality.-unexpressed! --in a solid form - but the movement of energy is still apparent and realized in the creation of possibilities, which begin to be recognized by the soul expressing in the moment, resulting in the appearance of new pathways such as new opportunities for experiencing self - new ways of living in the physical world.

One must hold the intention of raising their frequency for only they may do so. Human nature will always point one in the direction of expansion. Always moving to do more- be greater, more aware - no matter where one's consciousness maybe at the moment. Thus, the resulting evolution of humanity and all of the creation.

What appears historically, as the Rise and Fall of consciousness are the workings of the Wave of Presence in conjunction with the unified field of consciousness. As you continue to express in this manner, you will find yourself riding along easily in this stream of consciousness. Right now you feel that it is moving faster or beyond your thought conceptualization process and yes it is true. But you will experience the blend and the remembrance from the Soul's essence as One.

Of course, as we outline and present our teachings not everyone will experience this in the same manner or at the same time. Although in truth there exists no time, but there does exist movement of energy. All are made up of energy- all in movement. The orchestration of this movement rests on the foundation of frequencies emitted which are realized in a polarity factor of said resonance.

Patterns form instantaneously becoming apparent through the manifestation and physical experiencing this energy - resulting in what you know as fields of energy. We are speaking here in generalization to allow for the free flow of information detached from the detailing of its form. Know that each is a perfect demonstration of their ever expanding awareness in every moment.

Remember that each is an expression of the One consciousness and is to be free to experience fully as an individuated expression and then as One.

In Eternal Oneness,

The Voice of Oneness.