How Can I Love Myself When I Struggle with Physical Imperfections?


Why do I struggle so with my physical imperfections? I am loved by many and am generally happy, but when I see others who go to great lengths to enhance their appearances I feel so inadequate. How can I better love me for being me and grow old beautifully?

Dearest Tender Heart,

We wish to begin by saying that you are so loved and seen clearly as beautiful from our perspective.

Now it is your perspective of which we are to examine. We have addressed you as Tender Heart, as you are one who is so tuned to energies of the heart and you feel so deeply.

We want you to understand that your current viewing of yourself is only the result of beliefs you hold about you of which are not in resonance with your soul's perspective. As a very sensitive individual you can sense this is an area that you are holding energy in the form of patterns of thought of which do not support your true beauty.

While it is wonderful that you are able to receive the love offered to you through those around you, it is the love and acceptance of self that you feel is lacking, and that this results in your feelings of inadequacy.

We will say to you that it is definitely the lack of love and acceptance of which you are holding within you for yourself that is projected out onto others and mirrored back to you.

Although in your mind you assume your feelings of inadequacy have to do with the viewing of others who appear in your eyes to have enhanced or restated their physical appearances according to their beliefs. Meanwhile you are holding onto old beliefs about you and have not yet chosen to release these beliefs. Therefore you are unable to accept freely others choices because you have not accepted your own.

This for you is very important to understand as you want to be free of judgement and to be allowed to live as you choose. For this to come about you must allow yourself to realize your true beauty and release others from your judgement. Allow others to exercise their right to do as they choose with their bodies.

Realize there is a greater part of you that is aware that you are loved just as you are and that there exists no true need to enhance your appearance, but there is also a part of you who is held by judgement.

You are also aware that although someone may choose to enhance an outer appearance this action does not enhance their inner understanding or shine forth their true beauty. You value the inner beauty, but having not yet grown in this awareness, you are feeling inadequate. Thus, the wanting to expand your consciousness to a deeper understanding of true beauty through acceptance and loving of self. The love of self is achieved through the realization of your divine nature accompanied by the development of deep understanding of greater spiritual truths.

You are a divine being created by Love, through Love, as Love, to be Love. You are working on embracing this knowing and as such you are being made aware of beliefs held in your subconscious that are holding you away from experiencing your true knowing. You see your feeling of inadequacy really has nothing to with anyone or anything outside of you. How you view yourself is reflected in your world. You see others' choices as reasons for you to doubt your value. To measure your worth against appearances or which are false.

This is the beautiful way of which your soul guides you along your path to deeper understanding. You recognize discontent within yourself and wish it to be resolved. You know you do not truly wish to judge anyone and have not realized you're judging yourself harshly.