I've Been Wondering Why I Am Here on Earth

Question: Why am I here? I’ve been wondering why in this lifetime I have chosen to come back to earth. Am I a master teacher?

Okay! Let us begin by addressing the first part of your question, Why am I here? We feel as we answer this part it will also address each of the other parts, as it is all truly one question.

You ask,Why am I here? We ask you, Are you truly feeling that you are not aware of the greater purpose of your being on this planet at this time.? Can you not feel deep within your body the movement of forces from the “sleeper” to the “awakening?” We feel you are aware! Yet, you question your role in this grand play of life, at this time. let us speak to you to remind you that all who enter this play of life have purpose, and the purpose is for the experiencing of the consciousness of which you be in each and every Divine moment. Here on this grand planet, you are able to share in the collective expansion of consciousness. You are able to feel, feel, feel your Divine presence and experience your essence . This is such a Divine experience that many are unaware of participating in expansion.

It is here on earth that you are sharing with the Divine consciousness of Mother Gaia, as she is working within and through all to open up, to step into the heart, and begin the return to Love! Gaia (Mother Earth) supports all life forms upon her and within her body in Divine order. Her highly evolved state of consciousness, is like yours, ever expanding as she allows for the play of life to take place on her stage (so-to-speak).

When the opportunity arose (a physical vehicle became available) you jumped into the game so eagerly and so filled with love for Gaia. You came here to be of service to the highest order of all. In doing so, you serve your purpose of experiencing yourself as the magnificent essence of the Divine Mind, the One Heart, the Source of All!

Yes, you are a teacher as well as a student, here and now to expand the consciousness of your soul together with the consciousness of the Divine Mother Gaia. As you connect to the Divine mother and feel your essence you move closer to unity consciousness of the Divine Mother/Father energy. Heightened awareness of consciousness in the process of experiencing the Oneness and creates the master teacher.

So we say to you, you are right where you need be for the true experiencing of you! Be careful not to concern yourself with how far along you are, just allow for the unfolding of the Divine Oneness of that which you are — all are as all are part of the eternal expansion!

Blessings of Peace and Merriment for your unfolding!

In Love,

The Voice of Divine Oneness