My reading with Aumara was fantastic as usual!! She grounds me and gives me great insight! I highly recommend her! She's the real deal!! Amazing heart and soul and really cares about the work she does. - Kim

Psychic Readings:

A variety of services are offered to address your needs individually. In each session, whether it be one-on-one or in a group environment, you will receive guidance and answers pertaining to your specific questions, life situations, and spiritual development.


The atmosphere is always comforting, gentle, and completely non-judgemental. Aumara tunes into her guidance from the angels, spirit guides and the masters that she works with who know exactly how to approach each client’s needs to bring about real life changes and understanding.

Frequently asked questions:

  •  Is this a psychic reading and is Aumara a medium?

Yes! It is a psychic reading. This is a very personal experience with the angels, spirit-guides and masters of which questions are answered regarding one's spiritual path, life purpose, energy blockages, past life experiences, basically anything of which is impacting one's spiritual development in the here and now.

Aumara does not serve as a Medium. However, during a reading, a message from a deceased loved one may come through (often does).

  •  Do I have to give Aumara any information regarding my questions or life events before or during the reading?  No! Please do not offer any information other than your name. The Masters will provide all that is needed.

  •  How do I prepare for my reading?  It is suggested that you be as well rested as possible, free from the use of alcohol or recreational drugs, and be open to receive. Hold the intention in your mind that your highest good be served. That's it!

  •  How soon may I have a reading?  That all depends on the next available appointment. If you have a particular date or time in mind we will do our best to accommodate you.

  •  How do I book a reading?  To book your reading call (951)760-1432 or email:

  •  Can I have a reading over the phone? Absolutely! We offer in-person sessions in our office in Sedona, AZ, on Skype, Zoom or your phone.

  • Can I submit questions to be answered via email? Yes, email readings are available for anyone wanting to have one or two specific questions answered  via email. (See Email Readings Below)

 Bring your questions, dreams, and desire to experience your divinity. Even if you are having trouble forming specific questions, there is always loving guidance to be given and wisdom to be absorbed.

 Here’s what a recent clients had to say:

 “Hi Aumara, Thank you for the amazing reading yesterday. You knew exactly what I wanted to discuss before I even stepped foot in the door. Blew my mind. You told me things I needed to know (ouch) in such a loving and helpful way. I am very grateful to you for the guidance.”
Blessings, love, light." A.T.


"I made a point not to reveal anything about myself, so the reading was both exceptionally accurate and life-affirming."


Cathy Fitgerald

Tues. Nov 28, 2017

Book a session: Readings are held in-person in Sedona, AZ  or by phone or Online via Zoom.

Email Readings available - see listing below.


 30 minutes – (Cost – $65.00)


 1 Hour – (Cost – $125.00)

Couples  Reading -

30 minutes - (Cost -$95.00)

1 Hour - (Cost - $150.00)

 Aumara will travel to your home or business location to provide a group session. In this session, a group channeled guided meditation (which always holds personal meaning to all in attendance) is given followed by an interactive session that is an absolute vibrational match for each person in the group. Everyone always receives exactly what they need. 2 hr. Group Session – (Cost: $125.00 per person) Minimum of 3 Participants Required. Session must be paid for in full prior to scheduling.

Recording of the session is permitted for personal use only.

The distribution or sale of any audio or video is strictly prohibited

​To schedule a group session call (951)760-1432 or email

Email Readings- An email reading is for anyone who has a very specific question(s) and would like a written response sent via email.  It is important that your question(s) is specific and includes  necessary details.

Email readings are offered for 0ne, or Two questions only.

All email readings must be paid in full before a reading is given.

To purchase a email reading fill in the form listed below.

Purchase Email Reading"

One Question - Cost $45.00

Two Questions - Cost $90.00

All Email Readings are Answered withing  72 hours of receiving payment in full.

 We Greatly Appreciate All Donations! Thank You for Your Generous Support and Uplifting Kindness!

Aumara Saatia Ra., M.A.Ed, RMT, CCHt

The Chakra Shoppe

181 Route  179

Sedona, AZ 86336


Call (951)760-1432



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