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 Soul-Level Healing - Powerful Healing System to overcome energetic blockages, heal past traumas, and release stuck energy. While this process is very gentle it is highly effective for repatterning behaviors and reprogramming memories to permanently erase the energetic blockages.



·         Are you feeling stuck?

·         Are you wanting to move forward in life, but are not able to?

·         Are you holding onto painful memories of which you are unable to release?

·         Do you find yourself repeating patterns of behaviors that you want to change?



Then Soul-Level Healing is for You!


It's time to  - Take back your power - Transform your Life  - Realize your Dreams.


Aumara has been intuitively guided to use this system as a form of soul-level healing. It is a very powerful and life transformative healing experience.



Soul-Level healing is an experiential healing system that involves the repatterning and reprogramming of memories, balancing of chakras, and removal of energetic blockages.


Each session is specifically designed to meet the needs of the individual and may include several different modalities such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Intuitive Counseling, Energy Clearing, Channeled healing, and guided imagery for the reprogramming and repatterning of memories.


Sessions are 1 1/2 hours (many times one session is all that is needed).

Price: $175.00 per session. Bookings are in-person in Camp Verde, AZ. Zoom sessions for prior clients only.




​​If additional sessions are requested, packages are available.

3 sessions - $450.00

Bookings are in-person in Camp Verde, AZ, or Online via Zoom.



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