Living Life as an Empath is an ONLINE COURSE

Upon paid registration, you will receive the course files as an email with instructions for downloading the course. You will also be provided with the details to enter into the private group for Q &A online using ZOOM.

In this class, you will learn"

  • 30 Traits of an Empath

  • how to identify whether you are an empath

  • to effectively manage your energy

  • how to manage the energy of others

  • how to ground your energy

  • how to set appropriate boundaries

  • guided visualization for moving energy through your body

  • Healing techniques for removing stuck energies.

  • Receive guidance to address any questions you may seek answers to regarding living your life as an empath.

Workbook Included.

Cost: $47.00


Click the button below to reserve your space now.

 We Greatly Appreciate All Donations! Thank You for Your Generous Support and Uplifting Kindness!

Aumara Saatia Ra., M.A.Ed, RMT, CCHt

The Chakra Shoppe

181 Route  179

Sedona, AZ 86336


Call (951)760-1432



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