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What is Hell? How Do I Never Go There?

Ask Aumara Question: What is Hell? It sounds so scary…lakes or fire? Satan? What makes a person get there? How do I never go there? We are to answer this question in two ways. The first way is in a general context and the second is in a personal context. As we are teachers of the Voice of Divine Oneness, we speak only of Love.We hold only Love in all that we are. Our expression is therefore one of Pure Love. We know only the beauty contained in all life. All holds beauty as all is Love. This is true for all of creation. All that you see around you is Love; you are Love. Yet, you do not recognize this Love. You are filled with fear and as such, you focus your energy on living with fears. You

How Do I Sit In Chaos and Experience Peace?

Question for Ask Aumara Question: I would value your thoughts. My job is fulfilling and I would love to do this the rest of my working career…however, it is a very dysfunctional environment. I have put a wall up and have isolated myself…how does one sit in chaos and have peace? How do I see the poor behavior and still smile? How do I take down my wall and still be protected? How do I accept others that I do not have respect for? I yearn for peace in my head…and in my heart…Thank you for this service…You are an angel… Dear Loving Soul, We call out to thee–the way to peace is within your Heart! It is your thoughts within your mind that we wish to address. Now you’ve asked a series of very goo

How Do I Find My True Self?

Question: I want to know if I am ready to leave my comfort zone and find the real me? Where Am I to Begin? To begin, we ask you to step outside of your comfort zone and spread your wings. Allow yourself to soar. Your time is now! Are you ready? Does this feel like the right time to you? You say, sometimes yes and sometimes no. This is a matter of trusting first and then allowing yourself room to expand. Step outside of the box. Hold no boundaries to contain that which cannot be contained. Freedom is Key. Be free to express what is that you hold within you. There is no need to go searching for what is, as it is all around you, it's everywhere you are. You do not need to go in search of you

Where is My Spirit Guiding Me?

The following question was submitted through the Ask Aumara site and answered by The Voice of Oneness. If you'd like to ask a question, just click the link and submit your question. Ask Aumara Question: Where is my spirit guiding me? The journey seems to lead to chaos. Dear, Dreamer, You ask where your spirit is guiding you as the journey seems to lead to chaos. To begin let us look at your desires. You have many! So many that it would appear to you that you are being led in many different directions. First you find yourself beginning in one direction, thinking it is the way to go, only to be led in a different direction; resulting in confusion. What The Heck is Going On? You are experimenti

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