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Is it Possible to Know Things Spiritually Without Feeling Them Fully?

The following question was submitted through the Ask Aumara site and answered by The Voice of Oneness. If you'd like to ask a question just click the link and submit your question. Ask Aumara Question: Is it possible to feel advanced as far as knowing things spiritually but yet not fully feeling. When I meditate which comes very easily I feel the stillness and bliss but I feel it is time to grow up and be living what me intellect knows and to share more. I am in my late 60’s is this still possible? Dear One, You are so dear to our hearts and we send great love to you. This question you have asked holds many parts that are within your heart and mind. You want very much to feel the Love deep

How do I know I am receiving guidance from a higher source?

Question: Are pain or discomfort a requirement to learn a life lesson? And how do I know I am receiving guidance from a higher source? Dear One, The Voice of Oneness is that of Love without conditions. Love abounds and is free to flow in and around all. It is not so that one must feel pain or discomfort to learn a lesson unless they make that choice. Messages given are to Guide and Support and are always free of judgment and expectations. Guidance is the free flow of Love which is to be felt within that causes a stir or call to action. It is not so at any time that one must feel pain or discomfort as both are conditions of the mind. Love is not within the mind. It speaks to and through the h

Raise Your Vibrations Using Affirmations

Choose the affirmation which appeals to you the most and wave it over the situation which confronts you. It is your magic wand, for your word is God in action. "It shall not return unto me void but shall accomplish that whereunto it is sent" (Issiah 55.11). Florence Scovel Shinn What are affirmations? Affirmations are a tool for transformation used to change your thought(s). Affirmations are messages to yourself of which you speak over and over. As a result, your body will listen and your consciousness will shift if you dutifully practice using the affirmations with focused intent to bring about a change of your mindset. Say your affirmation with conviction! When saying your affirmations, i

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