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How Can I Better Love Me for Being Me?

Question: Why do I struggle so with my physical imperfections? I am loved by many and am generally happy, but when I see others who go to great lengths to enhance their appearances I feel so inadequate. How can I better love me for being me and grow old beautifully.? Dearest Tender Heart, We wish to begin by saying that you are so loved and seen clearly as beautiful from our perspective. Now it is your perspective of which we are to examine. We have addressed you as Tender Heart, as you are one who is so tuned to energies of the heart and you feel so deeply. We want you to understand that your current viewing of yourself is only the result of beliefs you hold about you of which are not in

Living a Balanced Life

Question: How to manifest enough balanced physical/mental energy for each day? Greetings Dear One, You ask how to manifest enough balanced physical and mental energy each day. This is a good question for you. Your body is feeling the pull from the earth’s shifting energies and you wish to know how to adjust instead of feeling drawn or exhausted with bouts of mental confusion. Let us say first that balance is a key word in your question. Balance is cultivated within by the individual through practices which support the body, mind and spirit connection. While these practices may vary somewhat, they all must support the individual’s overall being. The cultivation of a lifestyle which supports b

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