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How Can I Spread Love and Light to Others?

Question: I am so blessed with a connection to my angels, spirits and guides and Arch Angels. However the very human part of me craves clear validation of some sort that I am understanding the messages correctly and I am passionately seeking clear clairvoyance. So I ask beloved Theos and Spirit for direction in following this path so that I can use this gift to spread love and light to others and across this world. Thank you again for this opportunity. Namaste Dear Sparkling Star, Ah! The Love of which is sent to you is abundant! We are here now to speak of the Love of which is within you! It is also abundant! You see, all that you believe you wish to experience is already within you. Your c

What Is My Soul Purpose Here?

Ask Aumara Question: What is my soul purpose here? Greetings Dear Divine Love, You are connected with the feeling of not fully connecting to your Source. Thus you experience, confusion, a feeling of loss, and even, at times exhaustion from trying to understand the depth of you. We hear your question. "What is my soul purpose here?" Ah! We hear this question plenty! This is a great concern for most, as each feels that knowing one's purpose is important to be correct; a if you could ever not be correct. You see, you are here as you term it, you are aware of your presence in this physical experience, aware of your physical form, and of a greater form as well! You can feel your higher-self. Yo

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