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What is The Meaning of This Weird Dream?

Ask Aumara Question –Dream Interpretation I was waiting in a small room for Aumara, The room had a low ceiling and there was not enough room to stand up. I was lying on my stomach on tan carpeting. There was a small table like an end table with a small orange pumpkin on it. My barefoot got stuck under the door and I couldn’t reach the knob to open it. I knew Aumara would be coming back so I didn’t worry. She came, opened the door, we laughed about it and then I left which was odd because we were suppose to have a meeting or something. When I went outside I was on land, lots of dirt and some trees, it reminded me of my dad’s property because there were horse stalls. I wandered around an

Spreading Love And Light

Ask Aumara Question: I am so blessed with a connection to my angels, spirits and guides and Arch Angels . However the very human part of me craves clear validation of some sort that I am understanding the messages correctly and I am passionately seeking clear clairvoyance. So I ask beloved Theos and Spirit for direction in following this path so that I can use this gift to spread love and light to others and across this world. Thank you again for this opportunity. Namaste Answer: Ah! The Love of which is sent to you is abundant! We are here now to speak of the Love of which is within you! It is also abundant! You see, all that you believe you wish to experience is already within you. Your c

Can I Take a Leap of Faith?

Ask Aumara Question: “At what point do people take a leap of faith and trust the net will follow?” Dear One, At this time, you find yourself (as most do) uncovering the inner truths for each must come to a place of clear focus. You are wandering around in a fog of sorts. You feel the need to make sense out of some of the choices that you’ve made. But this is not important! What is important is the connection to self. The ability to feel! To know that the divine connection is always present in you. We say to you at this time there is much going on for you and yet, there is only one thing going on — You’re trapped within your mind; seeing with your mind. Oh! Which way do I go? Oh no! I can’t g

I Feel Stuck and Unsure of My Purpose.

Ask Aumara Question: Hi Aumara, Thank you for being available to guide and support us on our journey. One of my biggest challenges in life, and on the spiritual path, is to know which direction to go. Even though I know that there is no right or wrong path necessarily, and that what matters is the attitude in which you approach anything you do, I also know, and have known for as long as I can remember, that there is something specific that I am here to do. Some say that I am being a spoiled brat for thinking this way, and that I should take any job that comes my way, especially given my current financial situation. But the thought of doing that deeply saddens me. It is as if I am grieving th

Intense Energetic Shifts Create New Ways of Being.

Question: What is going on energetically? It seems like chaos. Oh yes! A time of great change. The movement of frequencies through the fields of human auras is intense. A time of mixed energetic happenings. Some refer to this as a time of chaos. If correctly understood one would say that Birthing is the true term that clearly defines the process. Yes, Birthing! Birthing a new in the here and now to flow within the higher frequencies. Those who would have just a short time ago been swimming within thoughts of limitations are now finding themselves seated within a field of unlimited potentials. In this field, is where opportunities abound in the direct magnetic match to the degree of openness

How Can I Love Myself When I Struggle with Physical Imperfections?

Question: Why do I struggle so with my physical imperfections? I am loved by many and am generally happy, but when I see others who go to great lengths to enhance their appearances I feel so inadequate. How can I better love me for being me and grow old beautifully? Dearest Tender Heart, We wish to begin by saying that you are so loved and seen clearly as beautiful from our perspective. Now it is your perspective of which we are to examine. We have addressed you as Tender Heart, as you are one who is so tuned to energies of the heart and you feel so deeply. We want you to understand that your current viewing of yourself is only the result of beliefs you hold about you of which are not in re

Please Help Save My Relationship

Question: My husband and I have been together for 11 years and at times I want to give up because he doesn’t change his ways like he has promised he would. I want to save our relationship, but I don’t want to wait forever, if he is going to continue to be the same forever. It seems like something has a hold on him and makes him not do the right thing. Please help! Dear Sweet Angel, We hear you and can feel your pained heart as you continue to see your husband in his pain as well. You say that you’ve been married for 11 years and you are waiting for your husband to change, but he does not appear to be changing. You say you feel as if something has a hold on him preventing him from changing.

I've Been Wondering Why I Am Here on Earth

Question: Why am I here? I’ve been wondering why in this lifetime I have chosen to come back to earth. Am I a master teacher? Okay! Let us begin by addressing the first part of your question, Why am I here? We feel as we answer this part it will also address each of the other parts, as it is all truly one question. You ask,Why am I here? We ask you, Are you truly feeling that you are not aware of the greater purpose of your being on this planet at this time.? Can you not feel deep within your body the movement of forces from the “sleeper” to the “awakening?” We feel you are aware! Yet, you question your role in this grand play of life, at this time. let us speak to you to remind you that all

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