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October 7, 2019

|Presented by Aumara

Ask Aumara Question: I would like to ask, what is the one most relevant and important thing that I need to hear/do/be to allow the greatest shift into being all that I can be, do or have. What is the essence of my resistance? (anonymous)

Response: I presented your question to the Team, and this is what was given in response to your questioning.

 Greetings Dear One,

You have requested answers to questions that you have detailed. We wish to start by welcoming you to your process of self-discovery. We have heard your voice, and now we will share our voice with you. If we may speak directly to your heart, this would be best. So allow these words to flow to you gently. There is no need to push or struggle to understand what is given, simply let it flow.

The Wall Of Fear

Open your self up to allow yourself to be! You hold yourself behind a wall for fear of exposure. You seek to be free but have not yet begun the process to set yourself free. The most relevant thing you need to do is to realize th...

September 18, 2019

|Presented by Aumara

You are from the stream of Divine consciousness, and as such, you are Divine consciousness. Is this not so? Of course, it is! Now let's discuss recognition of this fact. The re- cognition of the pure understanding of your origin and design. Yes, that is correct we did say the origin and design. Origin meaning the beginning. Referencing here your beginning into the field of Creation from nothingness all are born. From the Great Formless, all come forth into the field of form created by the field of creative power. The purest field of expression of Love's Divine Presence. The Infinite Intelligence which creates all bought forth the emanations of Love as the souls of this universe.

July 11, 2019

|Presented by Aumara

 Ask Aumara Question:

Hello everyone, thanks for be here and have this site to help people. I really appreciate it. I have a question to ask, well many, but let's leave it to one. Would I ever become an English citizen?. It has been my dream since I was a kid, Becoming by naturalization, is it in my highest good? path I know this sounds very selfish but is sth i've longed for. I Will be very happy if you could reply. Thank you so much

Dear One,

You ask if you will become a citizen of the United States of America. You say it is your dream and you ask if such a path is for your highest good. Your questioning is a natural part of your process of understanding you. You want to arrive at a destination of which you feel is yours to experience, and it certainly is so.

Your deep desire to become something other then what you believe yourself to be, has led you to question yourself. You struggle with the belief that to want something so much when there are already many things to be grateful for may...

June 4, 2019

Hello ,

The response below was written as received and sent to you in its entirety.  The guidance given here is for the empowerment of you.  A definitive career choice or prediction is not part of this team's work, but instead, you are provided with guidance from The Voice of Oneness team to assist you on your path home to Oneness.


Lately, I feel rather directionless in life, and I don't know how to remedy this feeling.

Months ago, I took a step toward a career I thought would fulfill and satisfy me, but I feel just as empty as I did before taking the leap. How do I know if I am on the right path, and should I continue to take it, or if I need to pursue something different?

I have all sorts of uncertainty, I feel there are so many options. How do I know what is right and what is meant for me and my journey?

Any guidance you can offer is so very much appreciated.

Thank you, Love!

Reading Ask Aumara Question:

Our work here is for the upliftment, the revealing of one's truth as it i...

December 6, 2018

|Presented by Aumara

Ask Aumara Question:

I have heard of the importance of living in the moment. But to consciously manifest a new reality one must leave the moment and create a mental blueprint of the new experience. So, in your mind, you would be living and feeling in this new experience that hasn’t come about yet and not in the moment, right? Is that the correct practice? What is the difference between fantasy/daydreaming and manifestation through the mind?

Dear Mighty Manifester,

You speak of the manifestation process. The workings of the Law of Manifestation are to be clearly understood. You also speak of the “now” moment. Your understanding of what it means to be in the now is not exactly what the “now” is all about.

You describe wanting to consciously manifest and attempting to do so by creating a mental image within your mind so that you could live and feel your desired outcome. You ask is this process correct? You also ask what is the difference between fantasy/daydreaming and manifestation through...