About Aumara and The Voice of Divine Oneness


Teacher of Divine Oneness

Spiritual Life Coach

 Reiki Master

Vortex Tour Guide

Past-Life Regressionist

Psychic Reader

Matrix Energy Healer

My Story

I'm a teacher of Divine Oneness, Reiki Master, Intuitive Advisor, Psychic Reader, Energy Healer and, Writer. I am also the only member of the Voice of Divine Oneness team that does not currently reside in non-physical form.

I was born a sensitive empath who grew up experiencing feeling the energy of those around me deep within my body. As a visionary and a dreamer, my childhood was filled with wondrous, magical, and mystical experiences all of which prepared me for the role I am in today.

Having been an educator for most of my life, with a Masters Degree in education and many years of experience within the public school system as a classroom teacher and also a Special Education teacher in New York and California, stepping into the role of a spiritual teacher was a smooth and natural transition to make.

After studying for many years with teachers both physical and non-physical, I learned how to ground and center my energy and to receive and transmit with clarity and focus. I  have dedicated my life wholly in service to the Divine as a teacher and healer for the upliftment and empowerment of humanity through the Path of Love.

When not providing readings or healings both in person at The Center For The New Age in Sedona, or via Skype/Phone, or traveling to present at Expos in southern CA, you can find me chilling at home with my gorgeous Orange Tabby named Cosmos and my adorable pup, Jesse, as we relax together in the beautiful Sedona, AZ

​The Voice of Divine Oneness (Team)
It has not been easy for me to explain who the Voice of Divine Oneness is so I'll let the team introduce themselves.

"We are a vast collective of Source energy gathered as One for the purpose of teachings Oneness.

Our focus is on the teachings of Oneness to open the hearts of humanity. We are a call to return to Love. Our task is to present the precise vibration to spark the connection within the individual to their Creator spark within: Thus, igniting the fire to burn through the illusion and return to the Light wholly in the physical expression.

This is our task. This is what we focus upon each word selected to express our efforts. We are the Unity of Consciousness of which we speak. We are the Love force of which we assist all in recognizing within them. We are the Light in all worlds. We are One!

We speak of Love! We speak of the ways to connect to the Love within. We provide lessons to be applied to set oneself free from the bondage of self-imposed limitations.

We shine Light where there is darkness. We assist in the realization of Self. We are here for All! All levels of consciousness are a part of the whole; the One. No exceptions! No exclusions! Only Love Exists in the One Heart!"