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Aumara Bonnet, M.A.Ed, RMT, CCHt


Aumara Bonnet, M.A.Ed, is a Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and owner of Voice of Oneness with a passion for spiritual coaching and energy healing. With nearly two decades of experience in the industry, she regularly works with clients on their spiritual development journeys, assisting them through spiritual guidance, meditation, energy healing, energy clearing, and past life regression.


While working as an elementary school teacher, Aumara continued yearning for something more – a fulfilling opportunity to help others through the power of spiritual development. Her passion for guiding and mentoring others led her down an exciting path that involved starting her own business, working part-time during the evenings, and teaching school students during the day. She continued working both jobs for four years before retiring from the public school system in 2010 to pursue her dreams full-time. After her retirement, she opened her first Spiritual Healing and Learning Center in California, offering weekly meditation, Reiki, group channeling events, energy clearing, mentorship, and more.


She had the incredible opportunity of serving clients as a spiritual teacher for five years, eventually closing the center in 2015 due to losing her beloved husband after a courageous battle with cancer. Heavily impacted by the loss of her true love but still passionate about spiritual teaching, Spirit would guide her to the beautiful area of Sedona, Arizona, where she would take on a new opportunity at the Center for New Age in Sedona. During this time, she also worked as a tour guide, hosting both Spiritual Vortex and UFO tours.


Despite enjoying her time guiding locals and tourists throughout the city of Sedona, Aumara eventually decided to leave the tour business altogether, devoting her time and attention to her Voice of Oneness business, where she operated offices in Sedona and Camp Verde, Arizona. Now focused on taking a virtual approach to business, she made the decision to close the physical offices and provide online services to clients seeking a spiritual teacher willing to provide coaching, soul readings, past life regression, and energy healing.


Because of her love for all things spiritual, Aumara has developed an innovative business plan that involves in-depth readings, valuable courses, and one-on-one coaching for those looking to become more in tune with themselves. Adding to her list of offerings, she plans to host weekly online meditation classes and webinars, helping people relieve stress and frustration through the art of becoming more connected with their inner selves than ever before. On a mission to continuously provide spiritual guidance and teaching that can help heal the hearts of humanity, she has also decided to launch a podcast, Voice of Oneness - Your Call to Awaken.


As a compassionate empath known for her intuitive nature and natural ability to read energy, Aumara Bonnet looks forward to speaking directly to the heart, providing clients with custom-tailored experiences that will change their lives for the better. When she isn't busy recording sessions for her podcast, completing psychic readings, or helping clients with spiritual development, she enjoys going for long walks by the river with her four-legged friend Jesse and playing with her grandchildren, Eli and Wesley.

The Voice of Divine Oneness (Team)

It is best to let the team introduce themselves. (as spoken through Aumara)

"We are a vast collective of Source energy gathered as One for the purpose of teachings Oneness.

Our focus is on the teachings of Oneness to open the hearts of humanity. We are a call to return to Love. Our task is to present the precise vibration to spark the connection within the individual to their Creator's spark within: Thus, igniting the fire to burn through the illusion and return to the Light wholly in the physical expression.

This is our task. This is what we focus upon each word selected to express our efforts. We are the Unity of Consciousness of which we speak. We are the Love force which we assist all in recognizing within them. We are the Light in all worlds. We are One!

We speak of Love! We speak of the ways to connect to the Love within. We provide lessons to be applied to set oneself free from the bondage of self-imposed limitations.

We shine Light where there is darkness. We assist in the realization of Self. We are here for All! All levels of consciousness are a part of the whole; the One. No exceptions! No exclusions! Only Love Exists in the One Heart!"

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